JRA President
Mark Croxford

Tell the JRA your views on QCCs proposed CityCARE Levy - 27 January 2010

The JRA has been invited to participate in a QCC Residents and Ratepayers Forum on 16 February to discuss Council’s proposed CityCARE Levy.

To help the JRA better represent the residents of Jerrabomberra at the Residents and Ratepayers Forum I encourage you share your views on the proposed CityCARE Levy with the JRA committee before Friday 12 February.

CLICK HERE to tell the JRA committee your views on CityCARE.

If you have not seen QCCs CityCARE information booklet you can download a copy HERE.

Ratepayers need more information about CityCARE - 26 January 2010

Something’s not right when 70 per cent of residents say they were not aware of Queanbeyan City Council’s proposed 5.8 per cent CityCARE levy. 

Council’s $1m-plus a year 15-year cash grab proposal was dropped among pre-Christmas junk-mail.  Why, with such significant impact on Queanbeyan, was information not sent direct to ratepayers?

Over the last two Saturday’s the Jerrabomberra Residents Association spoke individually to over 100 families at the Jerrabomberra Village Shopping Centre to gain views on CityCARE.

The majority of residents criticised the lack of information from Council.

QCC want a $1m-plus a year from ratepayers, on top of maximum annual rate increases, to fund three 5-year asset maintenance and renewal programs for roads, footpaths and parks.

Council say CityCARE will, on average, cost residential ratepayers $51.63 a year or 99 cents a week, using the 2009-10 average residential rate of $890.17. 

Jerrabomberra makes up 25 per cent of Queanbeyan’s population, and residents say they pay 2-3 times QCCs claimed average rate. 

Many streets lack footpaths, most roads are new and we have little, if any, sporting facilities infrastructure. 

Now Council is asking us to pay for the upkeep of things we don’t have.

Jerrabomberra ratepayers say they don’t want their rates aligned with other NSW regional centres. 

Most residents moved here from Canberra, and most travel there for work.

Compare apples with apples, don’t compare us to Orange.

Residents believe their rates already pay for the activities covered in the proposed CityCARE levy. 

So where is our money going, if not already into the upkeep of infrastructure?

Ratepayers need a lot more information before they can support CityCARE.

NOTE: If Council's proposed 5.8% levy increase on top of maximum allowed annual rate increase is approved it will likely exceed CPI and annual wage increases of most Jerrabomberra residents.

Edwin Land Parkway extension on display

Queanbeyan City Council has finally released the plans for the Edwin Land Parkway (ELP) extension from Numeralia/Stringybark Drive through to Old Cooma Road.  This will provide Jerrabomberra residents with quicker access to Karabar and Queanbeyan. Construction is planned to begin before Christmas and should be completed by the end of 2010.

Whilst the JRA welcomes the additional entry/exit point and looks forward to finally alleviating traffic numbers on Morella Ave, our association does have some concerns.
The JRA has long held the view that the ELP should remain a local (two lane) road and despite the Googong/Tralee Traffic Study concurring, the plans have been designed to incorporate future upgrades to dual carriage ways.  The JRA believes Dunns Creek Road should fulfill the role of a Queanbeyan Bypass and will continue to advocate for its construction.

We are deeply concerned that a signaled pedestrian crossing from the Park to the Jerrabomberra Shopping Village hasn’t been considered as part of the design process.  The impact on this crossing point will undoubtedly be enormous and safety concerns must be alleviated prior to the opening of the ELP extension.

It is pleasing to see that the plans have incorporated wildlife underpasses however it is unlikely these will be effective without fencing to channel fauna towards them, however Council  have assured us that the fences are just missing off the plans that have been released to the community.

Whatever your thoughts, it’s important that anyone with concerns or suggestions have a say during the consultation period.  The plans are available on the Council website and are also on display at the Jerrabomberra Shopping Village. Council will run an information session at the Jerrabomberra Community Centre on 29 October 2009 from 6-7.30pm. Submissions close 13 November 2009.

Car Park Chaos continues.....

On 24 June, new road directional markings and signage were installed at the Jerrabomberra Village Shopping Centre.  Since this time, the changes have caused centre patrons great confusion as the engineer who designed which way the arrows went clearly had never been to the shopping centre. Consequently, the shopping centre car park is now dangerous with many patrons ignoring them.

Taking onboard the large number of concerns from residents, the JRA have requested that Council and the Centre Management urgently respond to fix this issue. It is now September, and Council are still waiting on revised plans to go to the October traffic committee meeting, before anything will be fixed. This is unacceptable; surely things can happen faster, particularly when it comes to residents’ safety. The Police cannot enforce the rules, as the car park has not been gazetted.

Residents of Jerrabomberra would no doubt have noticed recently local members of our community asking for pledges of support for the Jerrabomberra Community Bank® Project.  The Community Bank® Project fits several of our main objectives and is worthy of our association’s support.

As such, the JRA has made available our notice boards to the Jerrabomberra Community Bank® Project.  Soon you will see information that will show you how you can lend your support and help get our very own Community Bank®.  The Jerrabomberra Community Bank® Steering Committee is currently offering a small taste of things to come by offering $5000 worth of grants up to $1,000 each.

I would urge all Jerrabomberra residents to get behind and support this really great community project.  If you’d like to support the Jerrabomberra Community Bank® Project you can contact Brian Brown on 6299 9613 or visit their website at:

Jerrabomberra community ‘bypassed’ in Traffic Study

The Queanbeyan City Council recently approved the Draft Queanbeyan Transport Study and renamed it the Queanbeyan Traffic Plan. Unfortunately the Council decided to approve the plan ‘in principle’ without any public or community input whatsoever.  Its therefore hardly surprising that the Plan has failed to consider two key election issues Queanbeyan residents put to Councillors less than a year ago; to remove trucks from the main street and to build Queanbeyan a 'real' bypass.

Instead the report recommends, by excluding the Northern Bypass and Dunns Ck Rd, that the Edwin Land Parkway (ELP) and Ellerton Drive Extension will be the only Queanbeyan Bypass.  This will mean traffic diverted from the CBD, from Googong and traffic transiting from the ACT to the coast will all be funnelled through the middle of Jerrabomberra.  Jerrabomberra residents already know the problems with Lanyon Drive and why it needed duplication, it therefore beggars belief that the ELP, as suggested in the study, can remain two lanes for very long!

What was particularly disappointing at the Council meeting was when the Mayor and three Councillors who reside in Jerrabomberra voted to support the report in principle, when only nine moths earlier at the Council elections they unanimously supported both Dunns Ck Rd and the Northern Bypass!

On the night we were also told that Council wouldn’t be considering any additional scenarios as it will hold up the rezoning process. However, after strong representations by the community, Council finally agreed to hold a community meeting, which will now be held at Jerrabomberra on 14 July at the Jerrabomberra Achhol Hall commencing at 6pm.

It is the JRA’s position that Jerrabomberra must not become a by-pass for Queanbeyan.  It is true that the ELP has been on a map since 1973, however this is prior to the approval of Jerrabomberra and the subsequent approval of Googong. To quote the previous NSW Planning Minister “It may have been a good idea and a bypass thirty years ago, but it’s not a bypass anymore and its certainly not a good idea”.

Severe traffic congestion in Jerrabomberra will divide our suburb in two and subject our residents to the same dangers that currently exist in Monaro St. Queanbeyan deserves a ‘real’ bypass and the Mayor and Councillors should commit to their promises and not just shift the traffic woes from one part of Queanbeyan to another.  We must have a ‘real’ bypass for all of Queanbeyan and that is why Dunns Ck Rd is so critical.

Jerrabomberra Woolworths targets better service

The JRA met recently with the Woolworths Regional Manager Anthony Dalgleish regarding the performance of the Jerrabomberra store.  The JRA are concerned that many local residents may be choosing to shop elsewhere due to service problems, prices, stock quality and declining name brands and that this reduction of trade could impact on the viability of other shops in the centre.  We are adamant that we do not want to lose our smaller local businesses in the centre.

Mr Dalgleish acknowledged having some service issues and he has assured us he is endeavouring to fix them.  'Waiting 25 minutes on a Saturday afternoon to buy 2 items at the express check out was unacceptable' he said.  Mr Dalgleish explained that whilst the Jerrabomberra store is a third smaller than its Queanbeyan counterpart, its prices are the same.  However the JRA noted that some of the product lines are only available in smaller quantities that are generally unsuitable and more expensive for families.  Considering Jerrabomberra’s predominant demographic is young families, this is a major concern.

The JRA committee have so far been impressed with Woolworth’s first steps to lift their standards and we have seen genuine attempts by management to continue these improvements.  Woolworths have said they are 110% committed to resolving these problems.

Consequently, Anthony Dalgleish will be our guest at the Jerrabomberra Community Centre at 7.30pm on Wednesday 17 June and all Jerrabomberra residents are more than welcome to attend.  This will provide an opportunity for the Jerrabomberra community to voice their concerns and suggest ways they believe the Jerrabomberra Woolworths could better serve the local community.  If you would like the store to stock specific product lines or have a suggestion to make our local shops better then this is your opportunity.

Check out the JRA notice board next to Woolworths for more information on how you can help the JRA help the community.

Meet the Airport @ Jerra

Jerrabomberra Community Centre, 15 April 7.30pm – mark it in your diary to come along to the April meeting of the Jerrabomberra Residents’ Association (JRA).  If you only attend one meeting all year then make it this one.  Everyone’s invited and you don’t have to be a JRA member to attend and have your say.

Why is this meeting so important?

Management from Canberra Airport will be our guest speakers and they’ll be making a presentation explaining exactly what their plans are in relation to transforming Canberra Airport into a 24/7 international freight hub.

The 2009 Preliminary Draft Master Plan (PDMP) that describes their proposal is currently out for public consultation. However, not much seems to have changed from their 2008 version that was severely rebuked and ultimately rejected by the Minister for Transport, Mr Albanese due to its lack of information on many technical, development and community issues.  A significant issue, particularly for Queanbeyan/Jerrabomberra, was the unsatisfactory public consultation process.

However, our major concern is the airports total indifference to communities around the region that have been requesting an 11pm to 6am curfew.  Extending the runway south making planes lower over Jerrabomberra, removing some noise abatement procedures if Tralee is approved, an additional parallel runway and their desire to become Sydney’s second airport; these are just some of our other concerns.

This is your chance to provide the airport with your concerns and tell the airport management directly that we, like the residents of Sydney, are entitled to a good nights sleep.

If you can’t make the meeting, you can make a written submission on their plans. The PDMP can be found on the Canberra Airport website or follow the links from the JRA site Submissions close 8 May 2009.

Quarry vibrations - the last blasts???

At 12.48pm on 23 Sep 08, residents in the vicinity of Homestead Rise Jerrabomberra experienced a significant seismic event originating from the quarry.  In response to our letter to Council, the quarry owners CEMEX invited the JRA to the quarry for a tour and briefing and to understand our concerns.

The quarry is located behind Jerrabomberra on Old Cooma Road and has been in operation since 1940’s, they supply concrete aggregate and construction materials to civil contractors – dacite and premium grade granite. The quarry provided more than 50% of the materials for the construction of the new Parliament House.
CEMEX were keen to understand our concerns regarding the tremors we feel from quarry blasts and in particular the events of 23 Sep 08. To this end, CEMEX have agreed to place a temporary blast monitor at a residence in Homestead Rise to record the next series of blasts to see just what we are experiencing.

In relation to concerns raised on the possible use of Edwin Land Parkway for quarry trucks, CEMEX informed us that most of their deliveries are in Mitchell/ Gungahlin and they prefer Sutton Road. The only time they might use it is for the construction of Tralee or delivery to Hume.

The quarry is nearing the end of its life as its permits expire in 2015. CEMEX are starting to prepare an ‘end of use plan’ for the site and have assured us that the Queanbeyan community (including the JRA) will be included in discussions.

Finally, the JRA would like to publicly thank CEMEX for being open and transparent by making all their blast reports available and demonstrated what it is to be good corporate citizen.

You’ve joined the Jerrabomberra community, now join the JRA!

The Jerrabomberra Residents’ Association (JRA) is one of the largest and most active community organisations in the Queanbeyan/Canberra region. We are a democratically elected and self funded community focused group that represents its members to the local, state and federal levels of government.

We keep in constant contact with all incumbent local politicians, regardless of their political persuasion, and work closely with them for the betterment of Jerrabomberra and its residents.  We often invite the Mayor and our local State and Federal representatives to speak at our meetings and it is through this frank and informal contact that the JRA is able to achieve so many positive outcomes for our community.

The JRA was instrumental in securing a “resident friendly” proposal for the rezoning of the Jerrabomberra Valley that should see a secondary school opening in 2011. At the JRA’s strong insistence an aquatic centre has also been proposed along with a host of recreation facilities including sports fields. Other, less noticeable, efforts of the JRA include the constant watch on graffiti and elevating the police presence in the Jerrabomberra area.

Being a member of the JRA gives you the opportunity to make a significant and positive contribution to your community. If you’re a resident of Jerrabomberra (postcode 2619) you can join.  Membership costs $10 for a family or $5 for individuals. Your membership provides the Jerrabomberra community with a strong and unified voice.  A voice that is heard!

Membership entitles you to monthly JRA minutes which provide relevant information on issues that affect our community. You don’t need to attend any meetings, arrange events or even write letters (that’s what your elected JRA committee does!); it’s about knowing that your concerns are being heard and you’re helping your local community.

Join the JRA now!