Jerrabomberra Valley - South Tralee and Rezoning

The JRA supports the development of additional community & educational facilities including a proposed high school within the Jerrabomberra Valley.

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The JRA has been involved with Queanbeyan City Council and the State Government in the rezoning processes of the Jerrabomberra Valley. The rezoning will help bring about the development of a Secondary / High School, new residential homes and employment opportunities including a new commercial business park. In addition, a regional district sporting facility is being planned just off Tompsitt Drive, which will include a host of recreational facilities including sporting fields, athletics facilities and an indoor sports and aquatic centre.

The JRA has been working on this matter for many years, as development in the Jerrabomberra Valley has been continuously stalled as a result of the fierce opposition to the development by Canberra Airport and the seemingly endless litigation between the airport and the developer together with government reviews.

With the amended Queanbeyan Residential and Economic strategy now approved, the Council and the NSW Planning Department can proceed with getting the land rezoned by Christmas 2010.

Queanbeyan City Council has announced that the Draft Local Environmental Plan for South Tralee will again be on public exhibition from 1 October 2010 closing on 2 November 2010. It was previously exhibited one year ago but the process is being repeated due to a court decision that invalidated the previous exhibition on technical legal grounds. All previous submissions have been invalidated by the court decision.

The Draft Local Environmental Plan is not substantially different compared to the previously exhibited documents. Documents can be viewed at the Council offices or at

Canberra Airport has made it clear that they will urge all their business associates to put in submissions opposing the rezoning.

The JRA is supporting the re-zoning, if you would to make a submission please do so
example .

To add your support to the re-zoning please post your submission by 2 November 2010 to:

The General Manager
Queanbeyan City Council
PO Box 90
Queanbeyan NSW 2620

• Post a submission [download MSWord .doc file


Dear Sir,
Submission on the Draft Local Environmental Plan for South Tralee

I would like to make this submission in support of the Draft Local Environmental Plan for South Tralee and the proposed community and sporting facilities in the Poplars, in particular:

  • The secondary / high school proposed at South Tralee
  • The proposed new primary school
  • The expansion of the Jerra Public School grounds to allow for a sports field
  • The regional sporting playing fields
  • The indoor aquatic swimming facility and indoor sporting centre, and
  • Local emergency services facility and increased shopping facilities.

These facilities will be of great benefit to the local Jerrabomberra community and the Queanbeyan region.

Yours sincerely,




December 2008:
NSW Planning Minister Kristina Keneally signed off the approval for the economic strategy plan on 9th December 2008. Minister Keneally is now requesting Council proceed and rezone the land, read
Joint Media Release by Mike Kelly MP and Steve Whan MP.

November 2008:
Minister refuses to approve Canberra Airport Master Plan read Ministers Press Relesse

February 2008:
JRA submission on the draft Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan (Googong) 2007.

February 2008:

Googong Consultation- Canberra Investment Corporation is undertaking a further round of community consultation on the proposed Googong development. This development will impact on Jerrabomberra as they propose to turn the Edwin Land Parkway into a 4 lane road to take the traffic from Googong to the ACT. When fully developed Googong will be 3 times the size of Jerrabomberra. The JRA believe that the construction of Dunns Creek Road is critical if Googong is to proceed as this will provide a direct link from Googong to the Monaro Highway.

December 2007:

Canberra Investment Corporation (CIC) –
CIC develop concept plan for Googong and DLEP released for public comment.
Queanbeyan City Council has prepared a
Draft Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2007 [Googong] (DLEP) which proposes rezoning of the land to allow for development.

November 2007:
Map of district including property names:
Map of district.pdf
Development Application lodged for Anglican High School:

April 2007:
NSW Planning Minister Sartor released his recommendations on the Councils
Residential and Economic Strategy 2031 in April. The JRA’s hard work, and considered position were vindicated when the Minister delivered on every aspect of what the community asked for.
The motion from our October 2006 Community meeting called for the NSW Government and QCC to:
1. Ensure that if Googong proceeds, Edwin Land Parkway is preserved as a local suburban road, and that Dunns Creek Road is constructed as a development condition; [delivered]
2. Commit that Jerrabomberra will not be surrounded by industrial development on Poplars and Tralee; [delivered]
3. Ensure that any development on Poplars, Tralee and Environa is compatible with the existing residential development at Jerrabomberra; [delivered]
4.  Commit to supporting and facilitating the construction of the Anglican High School, and the provision of recreational and community facilities (including the indoor swimming centre) in a new development on Poplars, Tralee and Environa. [delivered]

February 2007:
JRA were invited to meet with NSW Planning Minister Frank Sartor on February 7 to discuss development in the Jerrabomberra Valley, and the often-controversial issues it gave rise to. We were joined by the Jerrabomberra Secondary Schools Committee, the Canberra International Airport and Queanbeyan City Council at the Ministers request. The JRA showed great leadership and community focus during the meeting, with our presentation on a responsible compromise position on residential and commercial development, while considering aspects such as aircraft noise, community facilities and amenity, the environment, and roads infrastructure. Our focus was very much on moving forward while others were more interested in winning battles against those with conflicting interests. Our position provided Jerrabomberra with community facilities including the Anglican High School, Aquatic Centre and other amenities; provided for sensible development of some areas in the Jerrabomberra Valley; and also accommodated the growing needs of the Canberra Airport.

One area of serious concern we raised with the Minister was the proposal by the developers of Googong (Canberra Investment Corporation, who was also the major developer of Jerrabomberra) to use the Edwin Land Parkway (ELP) as the main road to link the Googong development to Canberra. This would result in Jerrabomberra being cut in two as the ELP becomes a 4-lane highway. At the meeting we lobbied hard for the construction of Dunns Creek Road, south of Jerrabomberra, as it will take Googong residents directly to the Monaro Highway via Hume, and maintain the peacefulness of our community. The JRA sees Dunns Creek Road as a critical piece of infrastructure for our region. The JRA President, Margot Sachse also presented the Minister with a petition of 680 signatures from Jerrabomberra residents demanding future development results in a high school, aquatic centre and community facilities, and that he rules out industrial development around our homes.

November 2006:
Byron’s earplugs should be used to block Airport lies:
Jerrabomberra community is sent earplugs by the Canberra Airport in response to our support for the development in the Jerrabomberra Valley (Tralee).

September 2006:
Information about Googong development with potentially 18,000 residents.
CIC Googong brief.pdf

October 2006:
At a public meeting 3 October 2006, the Jerrabomberra community gave a resounding ‘NO’ to industrial and commercial development around their suburb, saying they want schools, not factories, on their doorstep.
- Community meeting minutes:
03 October 06 minutes.pdf
- Press Release:
Media release_04 October 06.pdf

June 2006:
The JRA made a written and oral submission to the Queanbeyan Land Release Inquiry.
Submission by the JRA to the Queanbeyan Land Release Inquiry:
JRA Submission June06.pdf
Address to the Land Inquiry Committee by JRA President Margot Sachse: Presentation to QCC_LIC_27June06.pdf

May 2006:
In May 2006 the then Minister for Planning Frank Sartor appointed Mr Brian Gilligan (Chair), Ms Julie Bindon and Mr Ken Matthews as an Independent Review Panel to investigate, report and make recommendations on current rezoning proposals for residential land development in the Queanbeyan City Council area.

The five sites under consideration for rezoning for residential land uses are:
• The Poplars (720 dwellings)
• Tralee (2000 dwellings)
• Environa/Robin (2500 dwellings)
• Tralee Station (4000 dwellings)
• Googong (7000 dwellings)

Fifty five written submissions were received and a public hearing was held in Queanbeyan on 27–29 June 2006, during which 16 interested parties presented to the Panel. The Panel undertook site inspections on the 30 and 31 May 2006 and 29 June 2006. Panel Report and Review of Queanbeyan land releases
main report and appendix.

In the early stages of the development of Jerrabomberra residents were made many promises of community infrastructure, including an indoor sports complex, a 4 court indoor basketball stadium, indoor pool, restaurant site, and a large shopping centre and business precinct. There were also promises of a non-government primary school in the Heights. Unfortunately, as development progressed these promises were not honoured and houses were built on these sites.
See map.