The Jerrabomberra Residents' Association becomes involved in a wide range of issues concerning the suburb. Information about current issues can be found here. The minutes of the JRA will highlight other recent issues discussed by the JRA committee. The JRA Newsletter, published periodically also helps keep residents informed.

New Industrial Estate, HUME ACT - Frequently Asked Questions prepared by Pardon Planning


The JRA supported the rezoning of South Tralee.
Some facts about South Tralee
• South Tralee is 10km’s from Canberra Airport.
• The land rezoned for housing is not under any current or future Canberra Airport flight path.
• Queanbeyan City Council first identified the area as appropriate for housing development in 1994.
• The South Tralee rezoning complies with all of the relevant planning instruments including the 1998 ACT sub region planning strategy, the N.S.W Government’s Canberra-Sydney Corridor strategy and the Queanbeyan City Council’s planning strategy.
• Queanbeyan City Council’s Residential & Economic Strategy 2031 planning strategy was endorsed by the N.S.W Government in 2007.
• The N.S.W Government and Queanbeyan City Council’s planning process for the South Tralee rezoning was endorsed in a judgment of the N.S.W Land and Environment Court on 20 May 2011.
• South Tralee complies with all the stringent National noise standards for housing development around Airports (AS 2021).
• The re-zoning will provide land for Queanbeyan’s only non-Government secondary school, a regional aquatic centre, a licensed community club, district playing fields and sporting facilities, a Scout Hall and a Church.
• The development will contain 50 hectares of parkland.

Jerra Valley and Googong Town Developments [last updated: 3 October 2010]
• The JRA support the rezoning of South Tralee.

• The JRA supports the construction of Dunns Creek Road from the Monaro Hwy to Cooma Road to be completed before the 7th year of the Googong town development.

Roads [last updated: 6 August 2009]
Dunns Creek Road and Edwin Land Parkway

Qbn City Council Rates and Charges [last updated: 23 February 2010]
Council say CityCARE will, on average, cost residential ratepayers $51.63 a year or 99 cents a week, using the 2009-10 average residential rate of $890.17.

Canberra Airport [last updated: 30 January 2009]
Federal Minister refuses to approve Canberra Airport Master Plan.

Curfew 4 Canberra [last updated: 23 January 2009]
The JRA supports an 11pm–6am curfew of Canberra Airport and is opposed to a 24 hour airport freight hub.

Data Centre and Gas Fired Power Station in Hume ACT [last updated: 23 January 2009]
A consortium led by ActewAGL proposes to build a data centre and power station near the Mugga Lane tip in Hume.

Off-road motor bikes [last updated: 12 March 2008]
Local police have been boosted with the delivery of two new trail bikes for off-road police patrols. The new trail bikes would help local police target illegal activities in the rugged areas across the command.

Damage to Jerra Hill [last updated: 1 December 2006]
Who did this?

Queanbeyan Council Election

Jerrabomberra Community Centre proposed extension/car park [last updated: 9 March 2009]
Council will be hosting an information night on Monday 16 March from 5pm–6.30pm at the Jerrabomberra Community Centre.